About E&G

E&G Fertilizers is a new innovative company, manufacturing and distributing hydroponic nutrients and liquid soil fertilizers. With 20 years of experience in the farming industry, we know the difficulties in keeping plants in optimal health. Our products have all been trialed, and tested with unbelievable results. All E&G products use only the highest quality inputs, using conventional and organic inputs.

Our aim is to make your hydroponic feeding program easier. Eliminating most of the extra bottles other companies make you buy, and putting them directly in the A&B nutrients. For optimum results we recommend that you also use our Microbes and Greenit products in conjunction with Complete A and B.

To our knowledge, there are only a handful of companies that offer nutrients and fertilizers like us, and we are happy to be one of them. We want you to succeed and grow, so we can too.

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Healthy and green